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About D.C.'s Best Mobile Mechanic

Washington D.C. is well known for many things but was also the birthplace for a funk style referred to as Go-go, similar to how DC is origin of this sub-genre of music, I am one of the original members of what use to only be a select few auto mechanics, at the time was not even given the moniker of mobile mechanic yet, that wanted to start a movement to make auto repairs more convenient for our customers. Now, it just makes sense to others that I was a member of this group as I am the best mobile mechanic in the DC area. 

What makes me stand out from the competition is:

  • History of commitment to customers- As mentioned previously, I was among the first pioneers of the mobile mechanic style of auto repair services which has the primary purpose of freeing both the customer and the auto mechanic from the restraints of the auto repair shop. From the beginning I was helping figure out and perfect ways to make the auto repair industry better and bring it out of the stone age and into the present and into the future. The auto mechanic is freed from being forced to make decisions based on corporate or based on with brands they have contracts with, they are also freed from some of the overhead costs that are associated with auto repair shops and their physical locations. The customer is freed from being tied down to choosing one part brand, from having to pay for extra costs that have nothing to do with them, having to tow their vehicle, time constraints, and having to practically sell their vehicle just to have the repairs they need done on it. This is everything I have worked towards since the inception of the mobile mechanic idea to make auto repair services much more customer centric and also better for the auto mechanic as well.


Mobile Mechanic DC
  • From the Beginning- I don’t think I could be DC’s best mobile mechanic had I not been in on this movement from the start, and put it all the time, effort, and sweat that I have into making this sub-category of auto repair and the job mobile mechanic into a reality rather than a dream. Being there from the start has given me immense levels of skill, loads of knowledge, and certain intangibles that other local auto mechanics, and the local auto repair shops are unable to hold a candle to. Someone with that level of dedication to their craft and to making it better for everyone is the right person to work on your vehicle and do all its auto repairs, that is why my name should always get the checkmark when it comes to finding a mobile mechanic to use in Washington, D.C. There are times when people exaggerate when they say one call can change everything, in this case no there is exaggeration that one call could literally change everything for you and your vehicle.